Why Facebook Link Exchanges are a Bad Idea

Occasionally I will run across a Facebook marketing group that will advocate doing a “link-tree” or a link exchange. The idea is that the participants will put their name on a list and then share links to everyone else on the list with the understanding that everyone else on the list will also share a link to you. I regard these link exchanges as a very bad idea. I try to follow Seth Godin’s philosophy of marketing, which is that you should strive to become a valued source of information for your readers Every link that you post on your Facebook page, blog, etc. should be something that you personally are enthusiastic about. Posting a host of links to merchants that you know little or nothing about is selling advertising at best and spamming at worst. That’s why Google will penalize sites that engage in link exchanges.

Now for a link I do believe in: Seth Godin’s blog.


Mild rant about Instagram spam

Mild rant. I’m on Instagram where I follow some artists. One of those artists has spent three days posting the same image on various different products. Not just one product but five to ten products per day. I have no problem with artists marketing on Instagram. That’s part of why I’m on Instagram. But that is not the way to sell on Instagram. That is the way to get unfollowed on Instagram.
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