Wisconsin’s Mound Builders

Wisconsin’s Mound Builders

2/25/18 by Š 2015 Wisconsin Public Radio

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Native American societies in Wisconsin built more effigy mounds than did those in any other region of North America . . . between 15 and 20 thousand of them, thousands of which remain. Wisconsin Historical Society Archaeologist Amy Rosebrough talks about some recent discoveries about the Wisconsin mound culture. Along the way, we’ll get a glimpse of what Wisconsin was like a thousand and more years ago, and find out how this area was connected to other parts of the country by trade and religion.

The Anatomy of Tyranny – Timothy Snyder

The Anatomy of Tyranny – Timothy Snyder

2/23/18 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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Authoritarianism is on the rise around the world. And Timothy Snyder wants to push back against this tide. A history professor at Yale University who’s written widely on Europe and the Holocaust, he takes an unusual approach in his little book, “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century”. This episode features the lecture he gave in Toronto and a follow-up conversation with host Paul Kennedy.

Still seems relevant


They stand before us and speak half-truths or bold lies,
proud of their power to deceive and prosper.
They will hide the corpses.

They have betrayed us, and even victory will bring
no honor. Rumsfeld equivocates, Rice dodges,
that poor warrior, Powell, serving a man beneath him,
covers his face with shame.

They fill their pockets with our stolen wages.
They poison the wells they leave behind.
They say it’s for our “protection,” but it’s us
they would kill to protect themselves.

If this were a land without prisons or poor,
there’d be no nation on earth we would fear.

Four Political Poems « Dale Pendell

Four Political Poems

Star Trek Discovery

 I really enjoyed the first episode. The second episode was well made but I enjoyed it less. The first episode showed Michael’s joy of discovery. The second episode was about action and explosions. I want a Star Trek that’s about the joy of discovery. I’m also concerned about the way this series (and really all Star Trek series) racializes conflict. It feels like the Klingons are a stand in for Islam in a “Clash of Civilizations”. They’re being depicted as a culture which is absolutely incapable of imagining a relationship that isn’t about conflict and one party dominating the other. The Federation is presumably about Western Enlightenment culture, but it ignores the “sins” of Western culture including slavery and the crusades. I hope that future episodes will move away from the Klingon war and more into the joy of discovery but based on the trailers I’m dubious.

The Relationship Between Music and Drugs

The CBC podcast “On Drugs” has an interesting show about the relationship, both good and bad, between music and drugs.  Unfortunately, they left out the most common, and dangerous drug in the music scene, alcohol.