Mild rant about Instagram spam

Mild rant. I’m on Instagram where I follow some artists. One of those artists has spent three days posting the same image on various different products. Not just one product but five to ten products per day. I have no problem with artists marketing on Instagram. That’s part of why I’m on Instagram. But that is not the way to sell on Instagram. That is the way to get unfollowed on Instagram.
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Of you’re not listening to Bronzeville you should be.  The boom in podcasting means that were getting a plethora of new “scripted audio dramas”. Bronzeville is one of the best out there.   It’s set during the 1940’s in the”Black Metropolis”of Bronzeville on the south side of Chicago and focuses on “Jimmy”, a young black man from Arkansas who’s on the run for killing a white man in self defense.  It’s an interesting story with great acting, great writing and a fascinating slice of history.  Who could ask for more?