Of you’re not listening to Bronzeville you should be.  The boom in podcasting means that were getting a plethora of new “scripted audio dramas”. Bronzeville is one of the best out there.   It’s set during the 1940’s in the”Black Metropolis”of Bronzeville on the south side of Chicago and focuses on “Jimmy”, a young black man from Arkansas who’s on the run for killing a white man in self defense.  It’s an interesting story with great acting, great writing and a fascinating slice of history.  Who could ask for more?

Check out Dancing School by Prince Malachi

Usually when you hear a song about dancing, it’s about how sexy somebody looks when they are dancing. It’s refreshing to hear one about how it feels to be dancing and to be part of a community of people dancing. It’s a little slow at the beginning buy it grows on me.